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“The fact the light bounces the mirror is still a magic to me”

“I feel like I use the same parts of the brain I use to play chess”

“It is just fun to see how beam shines in a smoke cloud”

Rules of play

Laser canon

pew pew

Laser Track is a two player board game. You bounce an actual laser beam using mirrors and follow it through a set of targets. You opponent will try to block your beam or hijack your targets. Play aggressively or defensively it is up to you.


Laser chess

It is strategic. No rolling the dice.

The rules a fairly simple.  But soon you discover that game rely on attention, spacial thinking and cheating. Yep, in order to win you will be using other player's mirrors, messing up their plan by blocking the beam, playing a double game to hide your real intentions.

Special effects

Smoke helps to see the beam

Smoke from a vape (e-cigarette) or shisha helps to visualise your game state. And it is just beautiful to see the beam bouncing the mirrors.



Like a laser pointer

Lasers used in the game are only 5mW, same as used in laser pointers. Safe for the eyes and cats love it.

Get your geometry straight

The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.

Mirrors are placed at 45 degrees so the beam bounces at 90.


Playing by the rules of physics



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