Technically it is a 22x22 pixels resolution led screen with each screen sitting in a cubic enclosure.


Fill your space with good old
8-bit vibes

Play several variations of well-known retro games, or turn on colourful visualisations to create an ambient atmosphere in any room.

Magicboard is a fusion or art and technology, union of warm nostalgic feel and contemporary engineering, and a beautiful visual piece in itself.

See it with your own eyes. 



You can chose from 5 preinstalled games or set the background effects mode

When no one is playig

Magic Board

A set of programmatically generated visual patterns.

Game everyoe kows


Good old game from the past

Eat an apple


Classic concept, new levels


Tetris for two

Compete with each other

Eat, shit, repeart

Snake for two

Try not to bump to one another

Win and fail together

Tetris coop

Play on a shared field together

More games are under development.


Tech Spec

  • LED screen 22x22 pixels

  • Equipped with 2 original Sega controllers

  • Front shade glass (optional)

  • Dimension 100x105x7cm

  • Weight about 10kg

  • Energy supply 5v 50W max 

  • Processor 32 bit ARM Cortex-M3

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 22.04.07.png

"I love it. It brought the colour to my living space"


"Beautiful, atmospheric, entertaining. Something that you think must have been created long before, but still - it's unique! "


"Colours, lights, cool, pew-pew"


"My mom beat me in Tetris.
5 times"



Presenting MagicBoard at HappyLab contest 2017


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