Laser Track

Laser Track is a board game for two players, played in turns. No randomisation is involved. You rely on your spatial thinking and attentiveness.
Your goal is to build a mirror maze and walk your laser beam through it to hit the targets. Though it seems easy in the first look you will soon realise the game reminds Chess in a way. To succeed you’d have to predicts the other player strategy and also play a double game to hide your plans.


Two of you should divide chips in two sets by color

  • 6 mirrors

  • 3 Placeholder chips

  • 1 Blocker

  • 1 Laser

The game is played in turns. So use a technique of your choice to define who goes first. 


The goal is to follow your beam through the any 3 out of 5 gates before the other player.


Take turns.

Put the first gate anywhere in the first 2x2 quadrant in the center, second within the 4x4 and so on. Gates should be placed in the way that any two of them do not take the same line.

After all 5 gates set, place the laser so they also do not hit any target just yet.

3 steps rule

Now the game starts. 

You can place your chips no further than 3 steps away from any of your existing chips on the board. The first chip is the laser.


In one turn you can do one of followings moves

  • Put your chip on the board within your area

  • Take your chip from the board

  • Turn a mirror within a spot

  • Move your laser one step aside


Use placeholders to extend your area.
Use mirrors to bend your beam.
Use blocker or mirror to destroy your other player plan.
Your laser can bounce from any mirror on the board.
Use some smoke to see the beams better.
Who ever gets the beam trough 3 gates wins


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